Arjun - All of Me - Song lyrics

*Song:- All of me*
*Singer:- Arjun*

I give you all of me,
Baby can't you see, that....

I really mean it,
And you caste a, spell on me,
I'm intoxicated,
It's complicated...

You know I need you right now,
We can turn this around,
(Main poori nayi ho gayi..

Girl you got to have, faith in me,
Mirror,mirror,mirror on the wall tell me...

Who is the most vicious of 'em all I got,
So drunk so drunk, drunk on your, perfume..

That I got wasted on you,
Milne ko tujhse, bahaane karun...

Tu muskuraaye, wajah main banun,
Roz bitaana, saath mein tere, saara din mera...

Is dard-e-dil ki sifaarish,
Ab kar de koi, yahaan....

Ki mill jaaye isey, woh baarish,
Jo bheega de poori, tarah...

Cause I'm fumbling, to find words,
To say I'll never hurt you...

I don't deserve you and,
I'm down here on, bended knee
You gotta hear my, story...

I said I'm sorry
Mirror mirror mirror, on the wall tell me,
Who is the most, wicked of em all I, got...

So drunk so drunk drunk on your perfume...
That I got wasted on you,
Girl I just can't go on without ya,
I know that you love me...

Hear me out I never, meant to hurt ya,
No no no excuses,
I wanna do all, right...

Give me second chance,
I'm about to lose my mind,
Baby come back to me..

Is dard-e-dil ki, sifaarish,
Ab kar de koi yahaan..

Ki mill jaaye isey, woh baarish,
Jo bhiga de poori tarah...