Zack knight - Ya baba - Song Lyrics

*Song:- Ya baba*
*Singer:- Zack Knight*

allah allah ya baba
we salam 3alek ya baba..

allah allah ya baba (ya baba)
we salam 3alek ya baba
allah allah ya baba (ya baba)..

we salam 3alek ya baba
sidi mansour ya baba (ya baba)..

qalbe majnun ya baba I wanna be (ya baba)
Inti mahboob ya baba..

ya baba ohhh
Girl where you been all my life?

I got a pretty thing but you wife
And theres something about you in all black...

I gotta feeling that you'd be my type (uh)
Uh i love to see a girl with some modesty...

take a chance why u scared, u aint gotta be
girl ur da only one i wanna holler at..

all these other girls i see they jus wannabes
locked in
loved up
ROD (Ride Or Die)
but he fucked up
he talk game..

but we live that
that oil money
we dig that...

yeh yeah yeah we out the box
come in looking fresh when we on the spot..

they wanna know whats next, they wanna know whats up..
So i, so i, so i upped the lev's
(sidi mansour ya baba (ya baba))
(sidi mansour ya baba)...

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