Friday, 26 June 2020

5 Home and Temple of Divya Unni! Dileep was talking about her husband then! Interesting incident

Divya Unni is one of the favorite actresses of Malayalees. The actor, who got a lot of attention in a short period of time, has also acted with many Malayalam heroes. The actress had said goodbye to her marriage. Though not active in acting, she was active in dance. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is coming to the family. The star says she is with her father and mother who came to see her. Her husband Arun Kumar is working from home. Online learning and teaching for children and for himself. The actor says that even though he is playing Malayalam songs, his children do not know how to speak Malayalam. Fear of being wrong. The actress says the daughter's question is whether her mother was scared when she took the goat in the song. The actress shared the excitement during an exclusive interview with Behind Wood.
The 21-year-old star has spoken of her mistakes before writing the essay. When asked to write an essay in school, the actor says that he wrote about Mohanlal and had more than eight pages. Many people wrote about Gandhiji. The teacher said the same thing, saying that only one person wrote differently. The actor says that he was told about the incident and that his response was yes.

When Mammootty received the award about Mammootty, there was an honorable ceremony. Divya Unni was speaking about the award winner that day. Peacock and the Cubs were awesome literature. He was already studying the speech. He used to laugh at parables. When he saw it, he knew it was gone. Later, he was called in to speak. He was holding out saying that any policeman could make a mistake.

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