Tuesday, 30 June 2020

Aamir Khan's staff turned out to be Corona positive, the actor shared the post and said - pray for my mother

Coronavirus is not taking the name of havoc in the whole country. Bollywood actors are also not untouched by the Corona virus. Recently some of Aamir Khan's staff also turned out to be Corona positive. After the staff was found to be Corona positive, Aamir Khan and the rest of his family members were also covid-tested. However, his covid-19 Test came negative. Aamir Khan has shared this information on Twitter. In his post, Aamir Khan has also thanked BMC for taking prompt action.

Aamir Khan wrote in his post, "For the information of all of you, some of my staff are Coronavirus positive. They were quarantined immediately and BMC officers were very quick and efficient in taking them to the medical facility. Come on. I want to thank BMC for taking such good care in this way. The rest of us were tested which came negative. Now I am taking my mother to get the test done. That last person in this line Please. Please pray that his test also turns negative. I would like to thank BMC once again for the quick, professional and caring manner. "

Aamir Khan further wrote in his post, "I also thank the doctors, nurses and the rest of his staff at Kokilaben Hospital. He was seen to be very professional and caring during the testing process. God bless and all Be safe Please tell that before Aamir Khan, some staff were found Corona positive in the house of Karan Johar and Boney Kapoor. Apart from this, the famous Bollywood singer Kanika Kapoor and actor Kiran Kumar also came test corona positive.

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