Wednesday, 24 June 2020

'Bulbul' being released on Netflix today, Anushka Sharma Instagrammed

The film 'Bulbul' produced by Anushka Sharma is set for release on OTT. The film will be released on Netflix today. This information was given by the actress Anushka herself. Anushka posted a picture on Instagram showing everything red. He captioned, 'Akash is making the whole city red. Are you ready for the future? Bulbul is releasing today on Netflix. '

First look came few days ago

After getting tremendous response for web series 'Patal Lok', Anushka is bringing another film 'Bulbul'. The film is made under the banner of Anushka Sharma's production house 'Clean Slate'. The film will be released on Netflix on 24 June i.e. today. Although the actress had released its first look a few weeks back.

What is Bulbul's story

Bulbul is the mysterious story of a boy named Satya. Whose brother is married to child bride 'Bulbul'. After this, Satya goes to England to study. After coming from there, she learns that her brother left Bulbul and she ends her life by serving people in the village itself. Then news flies in the village that a woman is frightening everyone by becoming a ghost. Now the truth goes to find out its truth. This is the story of the film.

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