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'Dark' season 3 review

Dark' Season 3

Cast: Louis Hofmann, Lisa Vicari, Karoline Eichhorn, Maja Schöne, Lisa Kreuzer, Dietrich Hollinderbäumer, others

Critics Rating: 4/5

Where to watch: Netflix

Duration: Eight episodes, approximately one hour each

Director: Baran bo Odar, Jantje Friese

'Dark Season 3' Story:

Jonas and Martha are on a mission to save the world from an apocalypse but face a lot of hurdles in the way, some on a very personal level. Will they be successful in their mission and be able to restore lives back to normalcy, makes for the season 3 of 'Dark'.

'Dark Season 3' Review:

'What we know is a drop. What we don't know is an ocean.' This is one line that fits perfectly for 'Dark' season 3. Truly, neither majority of viewers nor most of the characters living their lives in the time-travel drama are aware about what is coming for them next.

The third season of 'Dark' takes you deeper into the world through Jonas and Martha, who are in love with one another but circumstances keep pulling them apart. New mysteries unfold in their lives and some shocking truths are revealed.

'Dark' season 3 constantly takes you back in time, and lets you travel through over two centuries (1800-2041), giving you deeper insight into why the particular events take place and what is the outcome of the same. The series puts the characters through tough situations, constantly challenging them, which makes it fun to watch it.

While the actors have remained constant in their performance from the previous seasons, some even revealing shades of them which were never seen (reference: Adam), the co-creators Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friese deserve a huge round of applause for managing to keep the plotline in place without boring people and creating a mystery with every episode, despite new character buildups throughout the season.

All 'Dark' fans out there have a surprise in the store, especially with the climax episode called 'The Paradise'. The name is enough to give you a hint that there is the magic we all have been waiting for since season one. While the climax is filled with magical moments, the first episode of season 3 will make you sit back and wonder, 'wait, what just happened there?' The feeling comes and goes throughout the eight episodes.

The show also has added some special effects which transport you from one time to another, and sometimes, even one world to another. In some scenes, the effect has been added so brilliantly that you might just have a jumpscare thinking what is coming next.

The beauty of 'Dark' season 3 is that they have fit in an age-old concept with the characters, which makes you want to believe in magic. And the sci-fi, supernatural, thriller show, makes you believe in all the magic, the light and shadow, seeing the beauty in birth and the acceptance in death.

Seeing 'Dark season 3', it would not be wrong to say that the journey which started with dark elements, end with a sense of hope, something that is criucial for survival. The show is like a mirror - it would ask you to look into your past, force you to survive it, and let you see the magic unfold.

'Dark Season 3' Verdict:

All we need during the lockdown is exploring our dark side and filling it in with a little magic, and 'Dark' season 3 gives you exactly that. So, spread a little love for the co-creators and the cast because they deserve it.

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