Friday, 19 June 2020

'Penguin' Movie Review: Keerthy Suresh put together a thrilling film on track.

'Penguin' Movie Review: Actress Keerthy Suresh's 'Penguin' movie has been released online. This is a suspense filled movie. A 6-year-old child of a pregnant woman goes missing in the movie, and she wanders around in search of him. When she is searching for her child, a lot of incidents happen to her at the same time. The film had been waiting for a long time to release and now the movie has been released in two languages ​​Tamil and Telugu.

Story: A 6-year-old child walks towards an idol in the dense forest, his pet dog is also with him which prevents the child from following the idol. But then the person wearing a mask kills the child. This is where the story of the movie 'Penguin' begins. The killer moves the child's body to the lake. The mother of the child (Rhythm) is responsible for all this. The impact of this incident is so much on rhythm that her marriage to her husband Raghu is also broken. Rhythm is then married to Gautam. After investigating the police, the police feel that the 6-year-old child has died but Rhythm is not convinced about this. Rhythm tries coffee to find his baby and finally discovers his child.

Review: This movie of director Ishwar Karthik binds his audience from the very first scene. Keerthy Suresh plays the character of a pregnant woman as well as the mother of her lost 6-year-old child in a very brilliant way. The first part of the film binds its audience. After that the audience will get many shocking scenes. There has been a lot of effort to maintain suspense in the film. At the end of the movie, some scenes are filled with excessively theatricality. Linga's acting scene has not liked anything special. But Madhampatti Rangraj's acting in the same movie is being liked by coffee.

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