Thursday, 18 June 2020

Protest by traders on China's inferior action, Chinese goods burnt

Now the country's merchant will break China's back, Rohtak trade association against Chinese nefarious boycott of Chinese goods and the middle market lit Holi of Chinese goods, traders also vowed that now neither will sell nor buy Chinese goods. Rohtak is a big market for Chinese goods. Businessmen lit Holi of Chinese goods towards slogans against China.

Now soldiers on the border, traders in the country will give a befitting reply to China

Now the soldiers on the border will give traders in the country a befitting reply to China, because of the shameful action of China, not only the soldiers but the common citizens are angry against China. Now traders will take such revenge from China which will break China's back. The Rohtak Trade Association lit up the market amidst Chinese goods at the Bhiwani stand in Rohtak and raised slogans against China. Rohtak is a big market for Chinese goods. Now businessmen have vowed that they will not trade Chinese goods.

Neither will we buy nor sell goods from China

President of Rohtak Trade Association, Hemant Bakshi said that today we have taken a pledge that after today, Chinese will not use any goods. He said that the country to which we give money in the form of trade is killing our soldiers today. Therefore from today we will neither buy nor sell goods from China. Significantly, China has killed many Indian soldiers by deceit.

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