Sunday, 21 June 2020

Alert! Do not accidentally see solar eclipse with sunglasses, X-ray sheets, eyes can be spoiled by looking in water

Solar Eclipse 2020 has taken place. This is a circular solar eclipse. It has been seen in many other countries besides India. Since this annular solar eclipse is due to this, a glowing ring-like structure is visible around the sun, it is also called 'Ring of Fire'. The whole world is eager to witness these amazing astronomical phenomena. In such a situation, it is very important that when you look at the solar eclipse, do not look at the naked eye at all, as well as avoid looking at the solar eclipse in sun glasses, X-ray sheets or even water.

Many harmful rays come out of it and it looks quite bright. This is the reason why solar eclipse is forbidden to be seen with naked eyes. This time the solar eclipse is more harmful, so do not use sunglasses, goggles, x-ray sheets or a glass darkened with a lantern flame to see it otherwise it can have a very bad effect on your eyes and make your eyes worse. Can also occur.

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