Sunday, 21 June 2020

Sushant signed another film with Sajid Nadiadwala after the success of Chichhore

The sudden demise of actor Sushant Singh Rajput has shaken the country. The actor had many projects that were to begin after the lockdown. Sushant's last film Chichhore was not only the biggest hit of his career, but also one of the most favorite films of 2019.

Sushant signed a film with Sajid after Chichhore

Producer Sajid Nadiadwala, who worked with Sushant Singh Rajput in Chichhore, signed Sushant for another project after the film's success. For the upcoming film, Sushant was already given a signing amount.

Sharing on Twitter, Kaveri Bamzai wrote, "Sushant Singh Rajput did not have the work. This theory is not believable. After getting a lot of love for Chichhore, Sajid Nadiadwala signed Sushant for another film and signed Amount was also paid. Rumi Jaffrey was also planning a film. Talent is appreciated in the industry. It depends on your expectations. "

Be aware that the debate on nepotism has started once again after the death of Sushant. Some people believe that only Star Kids are given importance in the industry and Outsider's talent is ignored. At the same time, some people say that it is not so that everyone is seen equal in the industry. There are many big stars in the industry who were outsiders.

Let me tell you that actor Sushant was soon ready to work in a film with Rumi Jaffrey, whose shooting was to begin this year. Rumi himself told about this.

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