Friday, 19 June 2020

Today is Reading Day in Kerala

Today is a favorite reading day for book lovers in the state. The day of reading is celebrated in Kerala as the death anniversary of PN Panicker, the founder of the Kerala Grindashala movement. PN Panicker played an important role in making Malayali a part of Malayali's daily routine. Since 1995, June 19 has been observed as a reading day.
Narayana Panicker PN Panicker was born on March 1, 1909 in Neelamperoor, Alappuzha as the son of Govinda Pillai and Janakiamma. He died on June 19, 1995.

The Kerala Gandhasala Sangha was founded in 1926 as a result of his relentless efforts to set up the Sanatanadharma Dhamma School. He was able to make thousands of libraries in the state a part of the library team. As a teacher, PN Panicker is best known as the founder of the Kerala State Library Council and Confedin. The Kerala Legislative Assembly later ratified the Library Council.

When the PN Panicker library started functioning, the libraries in Travancore did not have a common look. In 1945, representatives of 47 libraries participated in the formation of the library group he convened at PK Memorial Library in Ambalapuzha. The event was inaugurated by the then Diwan of Sir CP Ramaswamy Iyer. With the approval of this group, they were able to get a working grant of Rs.250 to Rs.246. He was the General Secretary of the organization until 1977 when the library library was taken over by the government.

He later formed the Kerala Informal Education Committee and became an activist there. He was also the editor of newspapers such as Natural Light, Our Newspaper and Canned News.

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