Tuesday, 23 June 2020

US extends suspension of H1B visa, many people including Sundar Pichai against Trump government on social media

The Donald Trump government has given a big shock to Indians who want to work in America. Trump has currently extended the suspension of the H1B as well as other types of working visas by the end of this year. According to the information received, the Trump government of the US has suspended H1B, L1 and other temporary working visas. That is, people with IT, whose H1B visa was approved in April lottery, will also not be allowed to come now.

From Sundar Pichai to most people on social media

People are objecting to this decision of the Trump government. Even the CEO of Google, Sundar Pichai, called the Trump administration's decision wrong (Sundar Pichai on visa ban). He said that America has gained so much because of immigration. Because of this, he became a global tech leader. Pichai wrote that he was disappointed with today's order.

Some US leaders also misunderstood it. Dick Durbin wrote that this is the wrong way. It does not have to make changes to the H1B nor does it have to end. One said on Twitter that the Trump government should understand that this visa is not a weakness of the US, because it gives it skilled workers. Another person wrote that even if Trump wants, instead of Indians, unemployed Americans cannot be placed there because they cannot work.

Explain that this latest decision of Trump will not affect those who already have a US visa. The US government says that because of the temporary ban on these visas, 5.25 lakh jobs will remain vacant in the US.

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