Wednesday, 1 July 2020

Sri Reddy: Poonam Kaur is Pregnant Again, Sri Reddy Post on Pawan-Poonam Secret Bond

Power star Pawan Kalyan-Poonam Kaur has once again targeted the duo after controversial actress Sri Reddy has been accused of sensationalism over a secret relationship. This time, it is still sharing a sensational post on its Facebook. Poonam is not one of the brains of this one .. All you have to do now is to hold the Peeka ******. Sree reddy again with the impregnable boots of the Pregnant ammo.

However, this time Reason is targeting Poonam .. As controversy director Ram Gopal Verma announces the movie on Power Star Pawan Kalyan, Pawan Dup shared the video on social media. Verma, who has been releasing a series of movies through, has been making a 'Power Star' based on Pawan Kalyan's life. Verma is also known for his portrayal of Pawan Kalyan in the film, which features a likeness of Naresh, a tiktok star. His videos have gone viral on social media.

But when the Verma Power Star movie was announced, Poonam Kaur posted a fire on social media. Please also include a character named RGV who does the job of finding the girl's mental weakness, urging them to use vulgar language, sending her tweets and sharing it with the media. When I was a child, you were very respectful to me. But now, if you find yourself hurt by the shocking comments made by Poonam.

Speaking against a man, it seemed to me that this trustworthy director who had brainwashed me for an hour recorded a phone call. I sent the tweets he sent me to the concerned person. To my luck, there are some honest people in the media. Poonam sensational allegation of Varma saying that I am the victim of your conspiracy .. What is Varma's film on Pawan ?? What is Poonam Serious about it ?? Hot topic in cinema circles.

However, Srila Reddy is getting furious with any issue related to Pawan Kalyan. Poonam Kaur, meanwhile, has been campaigning on Twitter wearing a mask titled "PK Loves". Sri Reddy's gruesome comments on this .. why Poonam sister .. peek mask ?? The Mask of Peace for all of us is Teesai. Mask ke peeche ki hai ?? Poonam reacting to this .. The girl who left the character in the name of freedom and left the character for money is worse than a prostitute. Poonam gave a strong counterpart to Sri Reddy, another human beast as a mobile phone. Once again, Sri Reddy responded with an even worse fire, in a range called Poonam, as the company's phone number. After several days, however, a conflict broke out between them.

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