Trishala's note on the boyfriend's death anniversary - were not ready to lose you

Trishala Dutt, daughter of Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt, is once again the subject of discussion. Last year, her boyfriend died prematurely, after which Trishala suffered a major setback. Now it has been a year since the death of her boyfriend. In such a situation, Trishala has written an emotional post in his memory. On the first death anniversary of her boyfriend, Trishala Dutt wrote a lot about mother Richa Sharma and her boyfriend apart from bad experiences of her life.

Trishala Dutt has written in an emotional post on her Instagram account, which is becoming quite viral. She wrote in her post, 'On this day a year ago, the ground under my feet had slipped and my life changed. I have done many things to ease my suffering. I was away from social media for almost a year.

Even after losing her mother, she was not ready for this pain

Talking about her mother Richa Sharma, Trishala wrote, 'I lost my mother at the age of eight and I have been working on it for the last two decades. The surprising thing is that even after doing so much, I was not ready to lose such a beautiful soul. It is not just about spending time, you will not finish it and will not move forward because it is not a matter of only one or twenty years. You have to face the rollercoaster of bad moments and feelings of life. I knew that grief does not just mean being depressed, so I started forgetting and started living life.

Trishala further wrote, 'Last year I cried when I was freed from tears. I quit my job because how can I take care of someone's mental health when my own mental health is poor. On many public breakdowns people came to me and asked if you need any help. I ate everything and gained about 13 kg. Well, this is all right, this is a process and there is nothing that I could not fix. Now I am in the right state. However, in this situation it is beneficial for me to be around those things that remind me of them. I am ashamed to admit all this because I am a good therapist who has many friends. Everyone has a different process of getting pain, and there is no right way to do it.

In the last of her post, Trishala told how her boyfriend used to make her feel special. He wrote, 'I have his text messages, notes. I have his toothbrush, his favorite songs and his t-shirt too. He was a good person, who always made me feel safe. I used to laugh and I loved his jokes. He was kind, helpful and a listener. He always used to choose me first. He used to trust me, take care of me. He used to respect me and never judge me. He also welcomed me into his family. It was a pleasure to be a part of his life. He will always be a part of the journey of my life. I am incomplete without her, but even with this I will feel as the luckiest girl in the world. I can never forget them.

Trishala Dutt is the daughter of Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt and his first wife Richa Sharma. Trishala has lived in New York since childhood. His mother Richa Sharma died of a brain tumor. Trishala was just 8 years old then. She grew up in the US at her maternal grandparents' home.